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ULGA hits at MPs over districts report

"In our message to , ULGA raised concern on the current distortion of the intentions of the Decentralization Policy, through the increasing trend to recentralise functions, powers and responsibilities, by government as seen by the character…

Rakai inferno: Death toll rises to 11

So far, the dead students have been identified as, Sam Nsumba, Antonio Ssekiti, Hudson Byamukama, Charles Ssuuna, Emma Kasozi, Maurice Basita, Sharif Tofiya, Timothy Bukenya, Antonio Ssozi and Remegius Tamale.

DP, FDC snub State House meet

FDC Vice President (Eastern) Salaam Musumba and acting DP Secretary General Gerald Siranda jumped out of the program extending the meeting to State House Entebbe, on grounds that they hadn't been cleared by their respective party…