Another suspended Makerere University student acquitted

Makerere University students’ disciplinary committee has acquitted Simon Ssenoga and ordered for his immediate reinstatement.

Ssenoga was suspended by management over his tweet that the university administration claimed incited the students into protesting against the fees policy.

Ssenoga, a student of Bachelor of Industrial and Organizational Psychology was cleared after the disciplinary committee established that the student did not incite violence or destroy any university property.

He did not attend Tuesday’s hearing but was represented by his lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde. He was charged with inciting violence after he allegedly circulated inflammatory messages on social media calling for defiance and disruption of university activities contrary to students’ regulations.

The university presented as evidence a tweet, allegedly sent out by Ssenoga through his twitter handle @SennogaKaaya on October 22.

However, in its ruling His Worship Precious Ngabirano –led Students Disciplinary Committee said there was no substance in the evidence adduced to warrant a student’s suspension in the first place.

“On looking at the charge and the file and the attached post, we are of the view that this doesn’t reflect any incitement of violence and destruction of property. We accordingly feel Ssenoga is not guilty. We order a lifting of his suspension,” read the decision of the Students Disciplinary Committee.

Ssenoga now joins Siperia Mollie Saasiraabo, a female students’ leader and Guild Representative Councilor (GRC) for the School of Psychology who was acquitted on Tuesday of charges of leading a strike over the 15 percent tuition hike.

“I was just on my way and five minutes late for the DC [Disciplinary Committee]. The decision by the DC is just the first step for my mission to trim powers of Nawangwe to suspend students anyhow. It is a clear manifestation that I as Ssenoga have a right to my opinion,” Ssenoga said.

He added that; “It is according to my reading of the situation that I can post anything. I believe the rest of the students should take it from us that you are free to speak your mind. Had the DC stayed my suspension, I was also ready to pursue it all through in court. I am really grateful for the decision.”

Ssenoga says he plans to sue the institution and the Vice-Chancellor Professor Barnabas Nawangwe in his individual capacity for causing him distress and destabilizing him during his examination period.