Cultural norms defied at Budhagaali funeral

The family of the late Budhagali Nabamba has defied the cultural norms and decided to reveal the identities of his biological children to the public.

The deceased’s wife, Mastula Lukowe took advantage of the funeral prayers on Friday to unveil her children both to the gods and the public. They are Joy Mutesi, Rose Nabirye, Emmanuel Misango, and Betty Ndiwo.

Lukowe attends to her late husband when he was still admitted at Nile International Hospital Jinja

“We had five children together but one of them passed away. It is true that, we have many spiritual children whom we acquired in our line of duty but I found necessary to introduce the biological children who will help me care take this home in their father’s absence,” she said.

Early this week, Muyiiri Waiswa, the head of the funeral arrangements informed journalists that spiritualists are not supposed to reveal the number of their children before the public because they are regarded as fathers of many nations.

Godfrey Kabagambe, the clan head of “Baise Muvu” clan where the deceased belonged, says the family members had a right to know the identities of the children.

“We respect the traditional norms of our brother but as the surviving family members, it is prudent for us to know who will be directly in charge of the deceased’s assets,” Kabagambe said.

The children were also introduced to the oracle of Bujagaali falls along river Nile, which involved sacrificing of animals to sanctify them before the gods.

Jjumba Lubowa, the chief diviner of Tondoism, a traditional faith group tasked the deceased’s children to follow the traditional beliefs of their fallen father.

Budhagali Nabamba succumbed to brain hemorrhage and had spent more than a month at Nile International Hospital in Jinja where he was rushed after collapsing at his home on September 28.