Acholi musician banned over links to Bobi Wine

Increasingly getting insecure because of the stinging messages carried in his music, security operatives in the Northern Uganda district of Kitgum have resolved to ban music by William Otim aka Bosmic Otim, a popular musician in the Acholi sub-region.

Like Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), Otim has produced a number of songs that sting the government on a number of issues.

He is one of the musicians who have publicly declared their support for Kyagulanyi’s People Power political pressure group, and is one of its mobilisers in the Acholi sub-region.

And because of this, Otim may not be allowed to stage any music concerts in the sub-region leave alone stopping radios from playing his music.

According to the Kitgum Resident District Commissioner (RDC), William Komakech, the district’s security team has not cleared Otim’s planned concert the Northern Uganda district.

The decision, Komakech said, was made to ensure security in the district on the basis that Otim intended to his musical concerts to promote an anti-government political agenda.

Komakech says the artist cannot take both the musical and political life and urged that he chooses one.

“You cannot mix politics with music; we know Bosmic is a musician but he is also a politician, and for that matter, it brought in the element of security. You’ll find that there are those that love him as a musician, and there are those that would hate him as a politician and this can [result into chaos]. As a result, we are advising him to tow one line, either take the music line or choose politics but he cannot run both,” Komakech said.

Komakech has warned music promoters against spending on Bosmic with aim of bringing him to perform in Kitgum and the surrounding districts. He also says that Bosmic has other pending cases to settle with police.

The ban may not only be limited to Kitgum district but extends to other Acholi districts, according to Komakech.

Otim said he had not been officially informed of the ban but criticized it as a direct move to suppress his source of livelihood which he has been engaged in for many years.

He notes that the ban won’t go unchallenged adding that he is making arrangements to sue the individuals using politics to suppress his musical career.

Otim’s trouble with security in Kitgum district started in June last year after releasing a song titled ‘mac onywalo buru’ that mocks a number of top politicians in the region who subscribe to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party.

The song was later banned from playing on all radio stations and in the public within the district.

His affiliation with the People Power pressure group has also seen him fall victim of arrest by police.

Last month, the police in Gulu arrested and detained him on allegations of holding illegal rally.