Don’t allow to be used by People Power, Mao tells DP youths

Fistfights characterized a DP-bloc meeting in Masaka as rival supporters of the Democratic Party (DP) clashed over their association to the People Power movement led by Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, better known as Bobi Wine.

Party president Norbert Mao among other DP national leaders have spent at least the past three days in the Masaka sub-region meeting DP leaders at different levels as part of the drive to rejuvenate the party.

Meetings held elsewhere passed without any incident but when it came to Masaka, supporters of rival camps in Uganda’s oldest party went for each other.

It all started after a section of youth dressed in green T-shirts labeled with words; “DP SECURITY TEAM” deployed at the main entrance of the venue and started blocking their counterparts with red berets from accessing the meeting place, accusing them of having intentions to cause chaos.

The anti-People Power group overpowered its rivals some of whom had sustained injuries but a sizeable number had already entered the meeting hall at Bwala Social Centre in Masaka Municipality.

In his address, Mao warned his party members against being overridden by the growing political excitement of the People Power pressure group into violating the principles of their party.

He told the party’s youths that they should not be overtaken by what he termed as temporary wave of a political pressure group that is not premised on clear principles.

“I also want to advise the youth, they are being used like political condoms by these big people. After being used, you’ll be discarded. They give you Shs 20,000, you come and make a full of yourself, you’ll die a very poor person, get hold of your life and stop following people who are just using you. As Norbert Mao, and as DP, we don’t settle problems using violence,” Mao said.

“People Power is not a political party, it is an idea, that is why it has people from all political parties. If it became a party, then, we will have another answer to the same question,” he added.

While his address came hours after the situation had normalized, Mao’s rabid attack on People Power earned him some heckles from the audience, in fact, some DP leaders openly mentioning that it is the political pressure group that is on hearts and minds of the people.

Mao insisted that DP members should support the pressure group with restraint, and, accept to be guided by the values of their mother party, if they wish to remain of relevancy in the politics of the country.

Mao also picked offence about some party members that have started belittling him of having a lesser political advantage compared to Robert Kyagulanyi in a political contest against president Museveni in the 2021 election.

He says such political conjectures may act against the much awaited negotiation towards having a joint opposition candidate against NRM, asking those fermenting them to stop it.