Floods ravage Pader villages

Over 5000 households in seven villages in Angagura Sub County, Pader district have been submerged by floods following heavy rains being experienced.

The affected villages include; Obona, Lacol, Onin, Laraba, Lubala, Atiak and Lee Ogweyo all in Angagura Sub County.

Nicholas Amone, the LCI Lubala village says 120 households have been affected with over 500 acres of food crops including cassava, beans Sorghum destroyed by the floods.

Charles Oroya, the LCI chairperson of Obona village says at least 55 households have been affected by the floods.

He says the floods have affected also pupils who haven’t attended classes for the given period since the rain started.

According to Oroya, several cows and goats have been affected because their hooves have begun rotting.

Dickson Ojok, the Angagura LCV councilor appeals to the ministry of disaster and preparedness to come to the aid of the affected residents.

Ojok is worried of the looming hunger threats to the affected residents if not assisted with relief food by government.

Godfrey Oringa Largo, the Pader district LCV chairperson of the district task force has requested for an emergency meeting to take place on Monday next week to discuss how the affected people can be helped.

Oringa also said the sub counties affected by the floods across the district include; Atanga, Laguti, Lapul and Pajule.