Producer Washington contradicts his evidence in Mowzey Radio murder hearing

A witness in the murder of musician Moses Ssekibogo alias Mowzey Radio has given contradicting information about the murder suspect Godfrey Troy Wamala.

The witness David Ebanget Etoru alias Producer Washington was with Radio on the fateful night at De Bar in Entebbe.

On Thursday he appeared before Justice Jane Francis Abodo.

When Justice Abodo asked Etoru if he knew Wamala at the time Radio was killed, Etoru told court that he knew the suspect.

However, the suspect’s lawyer Leonard Kasibante told court that in the police statement, Etoru indicated that he did not know Wamala.

When Kasibante asked Etoru why he lied to court, Etoru said that he got to know the suspect after writing the statement.

He also says that it was Pamela Musimire, who told him about Wamala.  Musimire is the woman who called Radio to De Bar.

Kasibante objected to the testimony of Etoru and asked court to dismiss his testimony.

Prosecution also brought Jane Margaret Kasubo, late Ssekibogo’s mother, Nisimire Justine, Wamala’s close friend and Hassan Muwonge, a friend to the deceased who all pinned Wamala.

The case was adjourned to Friday for further hearing.  Kasubo requested court to quickly expedite the case so that the family to get justice.