Police forensics review Kasumba nailing CCTV footage

Wandegeya and Kawempe monitoring centres have submitted Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage captured during the attack and nailing of Baker Kasumba last week.

Kasumba was confronted, beaten and nailed with two 6 inch nails by unknown thugs on August 28 near Kibe Police Post at Kaleerwe along Northern Bypass.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango said on Wednesday that forensic experts have started reviewing CCTV footage captured from the time Kasumba left his workplace up to the spot where he was waylaid and nailed.

Onyango said police believes with help of CCTV, investigators will be able to unearth people who could have trailed Kasumba from his workplace to the spot where he was wrestled on the ground and nailed.

However, Onyango said the supposed crime scene was not captured because there are no CCTV cameras at the spot. Police are optimistic that if images of people who could have followed him up from his workplace are established, it will be a basis for hunting for his attackers.

Kasumba was nailed about 15 metres from Kibe Police Post along Northern Bypass. He took himself to Kibe Police Post where he recorded a statement and was later taken to Mulago hospital where the nails were removed.

In his statement, Kasumba said three days earlier, a man approached him at his workplace and warned him to stop wearing NRM beret. He took it lightly until he was waylaid, wrestled and nailed with his NRM beret in the palms.

Basing on Kasumba’s statement, Onyango said it was a planned and organised attack. He adds that the attackers seem to have trailed him all the way from his workplace without his knowledge.

Police treats Kasumba’s attack as political violence and vows that the perpetrators will be arrested and prosecuted. NRM Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba, visited Kasumba at Mulago hospital and transferred him to another health facility claiming that his life was not safe at the casualty ward.

A Police source said Kasumba is currently admitted at Kitante Medical Centre along Mawanda Road in Kamwokya.

Kasumba is a resident of Avis Kivuulu, Kawempe Division, in Kampala. He said he left his workplace at Jesco Ham Shopping Center heading home but he realized that he had spent some time without visiting his mother.

He decided to take the Kaleerwe route where he had left his old spare parts of vehicles to be sold before two men reportedly grabbed him and nailed his hands warning him never to wear NRM beret again.