Rukutana: If Museveni takes our legal advice, who is Anite?

Deputy Attorney General, Mwesigwa Rukutana says that the latest claims by his cabinet colleague Evelyn Anite, the State Minister for Investment and Privatisation are out of her reluctance to take legal advice.

Speaking to journalists a day after Anite claimed that a clique of mafias within government is plotting to kill her over issues related to the management of Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL), Rukutana accused Anite of ignoring the advice of the Attorney General.

“We advised her that being a minister in government which is a shareholder, she had no mandate to order directly for an audit. We advised her that since we have parastatals which are creditors to the company, ask them or go through them if they have grievances to get a court order to appoint an auditor or even remove the administrator. She did not want to hear that,” Rukutana said.

Two months ago, Anite exchanged sharply worded letters with both the Attorney General, William Byaruhanga and Rukutana in a desperate bid to have Bemanya Twebaze, the executive director of Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), removed as administrator of UTL in receivership, and to have UTL audited.

The official government legal advisors rejected her demands prompting her to run to President Yoweri Museveni but even when she secured a presidential directive for an audit, the Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and Secretary to Treasury Keith Muhakanizi stopped the audit until after Anite, through an application by Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) secured a court order.

Minister Evelyn Anite addressing the press on Monday

“She wants to go like a wounded buffalo, just knocking on walls as if she was blind. Whoever you are, you must comply with law. That is even when the President said and wrote that, “Oh Anite, ensure that you constitute an audit” we wrote said that we shall implement the President’s directive but within the frame work of the law because we are employed to advise the President on legal matters,” Rukutana said.

Rukutana further said that in many instances, they have offered legal advice that against Museveni’s wish.

“If the President takes it, who is this one who can’t listen to legal advice? If by advising her on legal matters you become murderers, mafia, cabal, cartel, crooks so be it. I don’t have any hostility with her, if I am among the murderers she is referring to, then… if it occurred in her mind that I could be a murderer, then, we should take her to Butabika for checking her head,” Rukutana said.

“Why would I murder a girl anyway? I know how to put girls to some other good use, I can’t murder her,” he added.

Rukutana said that cabinet hadn’t taken Anite’s mafia claims serious further saying that her claims don’t point to a crisis in government.