NRM fails to implement own 2021 political roadmap

In January this year, NRM Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba announced a political program, detailing the activities that the ruling party intended to undertake in preparation for the 2021 general elections.

Eight months later, there appears be no efforts towards the implementation of the roadmap to the 2021 elections, raising concerns among party supporters, specifically those preparing to contest at various levels.

According to the roadmap, between January and March, the party’s secretariat was expected carry out an assessment of the political situation which would lead into the demarcation of constituencies and new electoral areas as well as reorganization of polling stations across the country.

Based on the new demarcations, the party would embark on the exercise of constituting NRM structures in the new administrative units an activity that had been planned to be concluded in July 2019 with the party leadership handling complaints arising from demarcation and reorganization of the administrative units.

Between April and May 2019, the party was expected to hold NRM district conferences while the period between April and August 2019 was for compilation of the NRM membership register.

With the clock first ticking away to 2021, none of the listed activities has kicked off which leaves party members wondering whether the party will be ready by the time the campaign season kicks off next year.

Some of the NRM aspirants fear that the failure to compile the party register may fuel irregularities in the primaries compared to the previous polls.

NRM plans to hold its primary elections for parliamentary and local government candidates between April to June, 2020.

Rogers Mulindwa, the NRM secretariat Communications officer, blamed the delay on the busy schedule of the Party Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni who is on a countrywide mobilization campaign on wealth creation.

Mulindwa says that Museveni is needed to give guidance on the exercise before the party rolls it out across the country.  He says the exercise will be done shortly after President Museveni endorses it.

Ali Ndawula Sekyanzi, an aspirant for the Bamunanika County MP NRM party ticket wonders why all party activities must wait for the president.

Ndawula says the delays may lead to clashes of activities in the near future leading to irregularities in primaries as noticed before.