Bobi Wine mourns Zigy Wyne

Exactly 15 days after he was abducted by yet to be known people, musician and political activist Michael Kalinda aka Zigy Wyne has died.

Kalinda was abducted on July 21 on his way to a recording studio owned by Kyadondo East Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine). The studio is located in Kamwokya, the home of Kyagulanyi’s Fire base musical group.

Kalinda was days later dumped at Mulago hospital in critical condition after one of his eyes was plucked out and two of his fingers cut off.

Wounds covered his body an indication that he was severely tortured by his captors before they dumped him at Mulago hospital.

He was pronounced dead on Sunday evening at about 11pm.

RIP: Michael Kalinda aka Zigy Wyne

“Zigy Wyne’s last days on earth were very painful. Those who kidnapped him did to him the worst things a human being can do to another- cut off his fingers, plucked out his eye,  grossly tortured him, and left him to die a very painful death. Zigy was a solid member of the Firebase Crew. A hard-working young man, and strong supporter of People Power,” Kyagulanyi said in a statement.

Kalinda’s abduction and torture is suspected to be connected to his political association with Kyagulanyi who has declared intentions to challenge President Museveni in the 2021 elections.

He is reported to have been a mobiliser for Kyagulanyi’s People Power movement in Lubaga division, Kampala.

“Like many young Ugandans, he was looking forward to a better country. It is very painful that our brother had to go through this. Last night we visited the grieving family at Mulago and they are completely devastated. I don’t know how those who carry out these atrocities on the citizens of Uganda hope to pay back for the tears they have caused to families and communities,” Kyagulanyi stated.

The MP further claimed to be having various cases of his supporters across the country who have been kidnapped.

“The state of our country is worrying, Zigy is just one of the countless people who are kidnapped, tortured and murdered daily in our nation. We receive reports of many supporters disappearing, while others have died in questionable ways, including suspicious accidents,” Kyagulanyi said.