Justice Mulangira faces investigations over Mubende evictions

Mubende resident Judge, Joseph Murangira is facing an investigation by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) following a complaint by two inmates at Kaweeri prison accusing him of “obstructing justice.”

Grace Nantubiro and Ronald Mugwambya petitioned the JSC accusing Justice Murangira of bias given the manner in which he has allegedly frustrated their bail application.

Nantubiro and Mugwambya are part of the 28 suspects that were arrested in October last year following clashes that led to the death of Yunus Tabu, a retired UPDF soldier who was commanding a gang that was enforcing the eviction of more than 3,000 people from a 322.5 hectare piece of land that covers the villages of Kambuye, Kanseera, Kikono, Kyabaana and Lwensanga.

In a June 24 letter signed by the deputy registrar Samuel Kaali, the JSC said that investigations into the matter have commenced and the outcome will be communicated to the complaining parties.

The development comes a week after the Chief Justice Bart Katureebe wrote to Justice Murangira tasking him to defend himself against the allegations raised against him by some of the Mubende evictees.

“I have received the attached complaint in which adverse comments/allegations have been made against you. Please give me your response on the allegations against you as to enable me respond to the complaints,” Katureebe’s letter to Murangira reads.

Through human rights lawyer, Eron Kiiza of Kiiza and Mugisha Advocates, some evictees led by John Ssetimba asked Katureebe to appoint another judge to handle their case in which they sued business George Kaweesi, his farm manager Francis Kyeyune, the Mubende district police commander at the time of the eviction, Martin Okoyo and the Attorney General.

Their suit seeks court orders for compensation, reinstatement on their land and the protection of their land rights.