Chameleon placed under “preventive arrest”

Moments after addressing his maiden press conference as DP national mobiliser, musician Joseph Mayanja (Jose Chameleon) was arrested by the police in Kampala and briefly detained at the Central Police Station (CPS).

Mayanja was arrested a few metres away from the DP headquarters at City House as he marched with supporters singing some of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine’s) political songs.

He was led to a police truck and driven to CPS Kampala where he was briefly detained and later driven home.

“The only thing we did was to prevent him from causing commotion on the streets of Kampala. After addressing the press conference, he mobilised his supporters to march on the streets of the city yet it was not cleared. We prevented him from committing a crime because it is within our mandate,” Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman told journalists.

Earlier at the press conference at DP headquarters, Mayanja dispelled rumours that he had joined the political scene to fight the Kyadondo East legislator.

“I know Bobi Wine more than most of you know him, at a family level, I know him as a young man, I know him as a fighter, I know him as a brave man, there is much more I know that you people don’t. That is why when all the propaganda came up, to neutralize and defuse your lies, I took it upon myself to visit him. Take note, I visited him between 8-9pm in the night. If I was against him, he wouldn’t have opened for me at that time of the night, I was against him, his wife wouldn’t have welcomed me,” Mayanja said.

The pop star formally joined DP two weeks back and was instantly appointed the party’s chief mobiliser. His joining of the political scene was met by suspicion given his role in the marketing of President Yoweri Museveni’s 2016 re-election campaigns.

Mayanja however says that is now part of his past and his focus now is the struggle to end Museveni’s more than three decades hold onto power.

“If it is about the revolution, don’t tell me that the revolution has closed me out, I am also a Ugandan, I have so much energy that I can [add] to the struggle to liberate this country,” Mayanja said.

“If I was a mole, I wouldn’t be going to [places like] Bukomansimbi [to stage concerts], I would be rich enough but I am not after money… I once took money but it is nowhere to be seen, but I want now to take part in the struggle of liberating, of freeing our country from dictatorship,” he added.