Muslims mark 124 years of Prince Mbogo’s return from exile

Prince Kasim Nakibinge has challenged security agencies to enhance its intelligence in order to detect and avoid crime.

Nakibinge was speaking in relation to the recent killings in the country. This month, robbers attacked Cheap hardware in Nansana killing attendants and fleeing with cash.

On Friday this week, a mobile money attendant was also killed in Lubaga.These are just a few of the case of robbery and murder that have occurred recently in the country.

Speaking at his home in Kibuli at a function to commemorate 124 years the return from exile of the late Prince Nuhu Mbogo, Nakibinge reiterated the need to boost Uganda’s intelligence such that crime is prevented and stopped before it occurs.

Speaking about Nuhu Mbogo, his grandfather, Nakibinge, said that sending him into exile was a turning point to the growth of Islam in Uganda.

“It was a turning point in a sense that prior to his being exiled, Muslims had were mainly preoccupied by religious wars, without enough time to engage in development work. His return from exiled ushered in a new chapter that Muslims had time to learn Islam and also contribute to the growth of our country,” Nakibinge said.

A cross-section of Muslims at the event

Mbogo was born in 1835 to the then Kabaka Kalema Ssuna II. Mbogo was a brother to Kabaka Mutesa I who welcomed modern civilisation to Buganda.

Mbogo is remembered for having stood against opponents of Islam during the reign of colonial masters under the command of Captain Fredrick Lugard.

Mbogo became the head of the Muslim Community in Buganda in 1890 after the death of Kabaka Kalema who led Muslims to flee to Kijungute in Bunyoro at the height of religious wars in Buganda.

Captain Lugard persuaded Mbogo and others to return to Buganda but later got him arrested and exiled to Zanzibar in 1893 until 1895 when he was allowed to return.

As hundreds of Muslims gathered at Prince Nakibinge’s home to mark 124 years since Mbogo returned from exile, the Supreme Mufti Sheikh Silman Kasule Ndirangwa prayed to Allah to be pleased with him for fighting for Islam in this country.