Kadaga to MPs: You have no right to discuss Parliamentary issues with Museveni

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga is bitter that some MPs seek audiences with President Yoweri Museveni to speak about Parliamentary business.

Acting on what she considers credible information that chairpersons of some Parliamentary committees had met Museveni and engaged him on matters concerning Parliament, Kadaga issued a stern warning to the legislators to stop the “indiscipline” of addressing the president on issues touching the legislature.

“I have received evidence that some of the Chairpersons of Committees have taken it upon themselves to communicate with the Head of State on matters of this House without even the courtesy of informing me or even consulting me,” Kadaga said.

She reminded the legislators that she is the only person authorized to speak on behalf of the House and warned to act if she receives more reports about the matter.

Kadaga, however, noted that no MP is barred to speak about matters concerning their constituencies.

The Speaker’s position is provided for under Article 82 of the Constitution, which states that there shall be a Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament, who are elected by Members of Parliament.

According to the Parliament Rules of Procedure, the Speaker is the head of the institution chairing the Parliamentary Commission, the Committee on Appointments and the Business Committee on top of chairing sittings of Parliament.   The Speaker also represents Parliament in its corporate relations. In the leadership hierarchy of the Country, the Speaker of Parliament is number three after the Vice President and President.