Stop fuelling conflicts, Mufti Menk tells politicians

At the conclusion of his four day Building Bridges tour to Uganda, renowned Muslim cleric, Mufti Ismail Musa Menk hit at political leaders whom he accused of fuelling conflicts around the world but turn around to blame religion.

The cleric who has moved around the world preaching a message of love for one another and peaceful co-existence held is last lecture in Uganda at the Mandela National Stadium before large crowd that consisted of both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Citing teachings from both the Qur-an and the Hadiths (sayings of Prophet Muhammad) – the two primary sources of Islamic jurisprudence, Menk preached against all forms of violence which he urged Muslims to shun before delivering a strong message to the political leadership.

“Thousands if not millions are losing their lives on an annually basis and we are sitting by, watching because those who are in power at times are the ones who are guilty of fuelling this and then they blame religion. The Politicians should respect themselves and respect the lives of the people,” Menk said, drawing deafening applause.

Part of the gathering at Namboole Stadium listening to Mufti Menk

He also spoke against misinterpretation of the Islamic teachings which has sometimes resulted into violence by Muslims against non-Muslims which is impermissible in Islam.

“People are using religion today in order to disturb peace, the tolerance, the respect so that the growth of the nation is hindered. We are here to tell, don’t allow that to happen, it will not happen. We must be vigilant, we must be sure that the narrative of hate never ever penetrates; it is never allowed to grow. We are love preachers, we are not hate preachers,” Menk said.

President Yoweri Museveni in a message delivered by the Internal Affairs Minister, Gen. Jeje Odongo noted that the relationship between people of different faiths in Uganda has improved.

He thanked the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda for fostering unity among religions and expressed gratitude to Muslims for establishing projects that have improved the lives of different people in the country.