Mufti Menk preaches love for one another

Dr Ismail Ibn Musa Menk, a leading global Islamic scholar and the Zimbabwe Mufti has asked Ugandan Muslims to embrace peace amongst each other.

Menk, who led the Juma prayers the National Mosque at Old Kampala on Friday, said no single Muslim has a right to take the life of another.

He adds that true believers don’t harm others. He urged Muslims to be humble and to avoid arrogance and pride, and not to let their good qualities to be consumed by bad qualities.

He also urged Muslims to respect themselves by carrying themselves with the highest of morals and values. He says religion gives those who have developed sexual feelings out of their basic nature permissible ways to handle it.

A cross section of Mulsims that filled up Old Kampala Mosque as Mufti Menk led the Juma prayers.

Mufti Menk urged Muslims to avoid lavish lifestyles and greed for money. He says there is not going to be enough money for an individual Muslim urging that those with money should spend it respectfully and support those without.

“Some people when Allah gives them a lot they forget Allah! That is why Allah takes away things. When you are too healthy and you’ve never had a health problem, sometimes you might forget Allah. So Allah takes away the health, tests you with a challenge that is not according to what you want, he wants you to come back to him,” Mufti Menk said while delivering his sermon.

He argues that some Muslims once they are wealthy and become too comfortable forget to seek Allah/God’s guidance and they end up messing and misusing their wealth, instead of helping out those in need.

The renowned motivational and inspirational speaker and Muslim scholar who is in Uganda on a three-day visit under his project dubbed “building bridges”.