Gov’t, Police disagree over BOU cash scandal

Police spokesman Fred Enanga got a bashing from an unlikely corner, which may also point to the depth of the pressure that government is facing over the reported shipment of extra printed money into the country.

Government Spokesman Ofwono Opondo for once joined government critics to speak unfairly about the police and its communications department for telling lies to the country.

Opondo told journalists at the government media centre in Kampala that Enanga told a lie in regard to the ongoing investigations about a scandal that led to the arrest of six Bank of Uganda officials.

“Government is not aware of where Mr Fred Enanga picked his story line, and knowing sometimes how police communicates, it should not surprise that false information has slipped through their tongue once again,” Opondo said.

Last week, the anti-corruption unit of the State House raided Bank of Uganda and arrested senior officials of the Central bank who are accused of printing their own money off the official approved figures.

Reports suggested that the officials brought in about Shs 90 billion through Entebbe Airport and was transported using Bank of Uganda currency vans to the Central Bank which Enanga said on Monday is being investigated.

Opondo however says that there is no such an investigation.

“I call it absurd because we don’t know where he got his information from that they are investigating extra printed cash; the ongoing investigation has nothing whatsoever to do  with extra printed money that purportedly was dumped in our economy” Opondo said.

He said that the investigation relates with extra cargo that came with a flight that BOU chartered to bring money from the printer in Europe.

The airway bill which details what was loaded, carried and delivered indicated that there were items of other 13 clients including the United Nations, USAID, Ministry of Health, businessman Charles Mbiire and Mandela Millers Ltd among others.

“We are asking the police to make good their statement which implied that the government had earlier on told a lie; we take strong exception of that statement. It is not abnormal to make mistakes and especially to miscommunicate. In the investigation going on, there is no trail about extra printed cash. Government has asked the Police to make good on this statement or correct that mistake,” Opondo said.