Bajjo faces treason charges – Police

Events promoter, Andrew Mukasa, the proprietor of Bajjo Events is under investigation for possible treason charges, the Police have said.

According to a statement by Police Spokesman Fred Enanga, Mukasa’s arrest resulted from a video clip he posted on social media alerting President Yoweri Museveni of a plan to oust him from power before the year ends.

“The case relates to the comments he made in Luganda and circulated online,” Enanga said in a statement.

“When translated, Andrew Mukasa of Bajjo Events warns the President of their plans to oust him before the 2021, and further warns the military of similar plans to oust the President,” Enanga added.

In the video clip, Bajjo speaks with confidence about the alleged plans which he claims to coordinated by a well-organized group in the plot to oust Museveni.

Mukasa was arrested on Saturday from Centenary Park in Kampala where he was addressing a press conference about an upcoming marathon he is organizing with other supporters of the People Power political movement.

Enanga said that the investigations are being handled by the Special Investigations Directorate.

“The suspect consciously ran the risk of being charged for inciting violence, treason or misprision of treason since the law protects the honour of the President as a democratically elected leader,” Enanga said.

Upon arrest, Mukasa was reportedly detained at the Military Police barracks at Makindye near Kampala and is likely to be charged before the General Court Martial.