Prof Nsibambi dies at 78

It was about 6:00 pm when Rev Justus Miwanda Njagala received a phone call from Esther Nsibambi, the wife to former Prime Minister Apolo Robinson Nsibambi.

It was a distress call for help but by the time Rev Njagala reached, Prof Nsibambi was dead.

“I’m a neighbour here, so the wife called me hurriedly but unfortunately, [by the time I arrived] he had already passed on,” Rev Njagala said.

Nsibambi died in his bed at home in Bulange zone under the watch of his wife and domestic care nurses.

He has been battling prostate cancer which took him out public life for almost a year when he chose not to return to hospital but be treated from home.

Nsibambi served as Prime Minister from May 1999 to May 2011, making him the longest serving Prime Minister.

Before his appointment as Prime Minister, Nsibambi had served as Minister of Public Service and Minister of Education and Sports.

Earlier, Nsibambi who was the head of the department of Political Science at Makerere University was among the framers of the 1995 Constitution, having joined the Constituent Assembly as a special nominee.

He also served as Makerere University chancellor between 2003 and 2007 following the amendment of the law governing public universities that removed the head of state from the chancellorship of the universities.