Lukwago to Gov’t: Pay my arrears

Moments after the Court of Appeal dismissed government’s application seeking to overturn a March 2014 High Court order for Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to return to office after a botched impeachment process, the Lord Mayor has asked government to pay up all his entitlements.

On Friday, a panel of three Justices Kenneth Kakuru, Stephen Musota and Christopher Madrama dismissed the government application and also ordered the Attorney General and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) who were the applicants to pay costs of the suit.

Lukwago had a tumultuous first term as Lord Mayor after the then KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi sided with a section of the authority councilors to remove Lukwago from office.

He was impeached in November 2013, but Lady Justice Lydia Mugambe of the High Court overturned the impeachment in March 2014 and ordered for Lukwago’s reinstatement as Lord Mayor.

Mugambe also ordered KCCA to pay him his salary arrears and allowances. But government and KCCA ran to court to challenge the High Court orders.

The impasse continued until Lukwago was re-elected in 2016 with a resounding victory but the case in court remained pending until today when the justices of the Court of Appeal delivered their verdict.

“The essence of this judgement is that my name has been cleared because I was malaigned, my name was brought into disrepute. If you searched on the internet for the name Lukwago on Wikipedia, it brings the issues of impeachment [because of] abuse of office, misconduct, misbehavior, incompetence and so on and so forth. I have labored to explain myself internationally, I have had to answer questions related to that impeachment but I am glad that now Court has finally settled that issue, and cleared my name,” Lukwago said.

“It also settles the question of my frozen emoluments which have to be cleared because they now have no other excuse,” he added.

He said that as of now, government has no alternative but to comply with the court order and clear all his arrears.