Museveni summons UPDF Generals over Namungoona church land

President, Yoweri Museveni has summoned all squatters on the land belonging to the Orthodox Church at Lubya Hill in Namungona in Lubaga Division in Kampala to discuss how to resolve the dispute amicably.

He invited the squatters in his speech at a function to lay the foundation stone of a monument to mark centenary celebrations of the Orthodox Church in Uganda.

He was responding to a complaint by Reverend Father Paul Mutaasa, the Vicar General of the Orthodox Church in Uganda about encroachers on their land.

Father Mutaasa said armed men have occupied six acres of the church land and intimidate them with firearms, saying they are ‘untouchable’ since they are connected to the president.

He said they are willing to sit down with the encroachers and resolved the dispute.

According to Fr Mutaasa, four Uganda People’s Defense Force Generals, a major and veteran are among the squatters.

“Your Excellence now that you have come and indeed identified yourself with us at the start of this project, we earnestly request you to support us with any means at your disposal in order to overcome the said challenges” Mutaasa said.

Fr Mutaasa made the same appeal to the Katikiro of Buganda Kingdom, since it’s the Kingdom, which donated to them the land in question in 1930.

In his response, President Museveni said he will meet the squatters through the Kampala Minister, Betty Kamya and see how to resolve the dispute.

He however, said he will not compensate the squatters since they encroached on the church land on their own.