500 Muslim youths arrive for building Africa conference

African Muslim youths are to meet in Kampala at an international conference to discuss their role in rebuilding Africa.

The Conference under the theme, “Role of Muslim Youths in the Africa of tomorrow ” is organised by Uganda Muslim supreme Council (UMSC) supported by The World Muslim Communities Council (TWMCC) is scheduled for April 26-27 at the Pearl of Africa Hotel Kampala.

TWMCC is an international organization that focuses at coordinating the efforts of the institutions of the Muslim communities in non-Muslim countries and enhancing their role to achieve civilizational witnesses to encourage their members to contribute to the advance of their civil, cultural and economic states, correct the stereotypical image of Islam and Muslim societies and bridge the intellectual and cultural gap between the components of human society

Addressing the press at UMSC, the Second Deputy Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Muhammad Waiswa said that the event is aimed at raising awareness among Muslims about the significance of their role in the sustainable development of Africa.

“To highlight the nature of contemporary changes and their negative and positive effects on young Muslims in Africa, developing mechanism to activate the role of young Muslims communities to promote Africa and enhance confidence in Africa’s natural resources and human resources from the post-independence youth generation,” said Sheikh Waiswa.

According to Sheikh Waiswa, Uganda was chosen to host the event for its exemplary character in promoting co-existence amongst members of different faiths as fronted by the Inter-religious council of Uganda (IRCU).

“Participants will draw lessons of peaceful co-existence of members of different faith groups based on Uganda’s success story of the inter-religious Council of Uganda” he added

The UMSC Secretary General, Ramadhan Mugalu said, the conference will focus on issues of de-radicalization of Muslim youths to ensure that peace prevails in societies such that developments can take course.