Police fail to block Besigye in Kigezi

The Police in Rubanda district have failed to block former FDC President Dr Kizza Besigye from holding his consultative meetings in Kigezi sub region.

Last evening, the Kigezi region Police Spokesperson, Elly Maate told journalists that the police had not cleared Besigye’s planned meeting at Hamurwa Town Council as well as a public rally at Bubare playground in Rubanda district because the organisers hadn’t sought police clearance.

In the company of FDC President Patrick Oboi Amuriat, MPs Roland Mugume Kagyinda (Rukingiri Municipality) and William Nzoghu (Busongora North) plus FDC chief mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe, Besigye planned to address mobilisers from the districts of  Kisoro, Rubanda, Kabale, Rukiga, Kanungu and Rukungiri at Hamurwa Town Council but on reaching there, the Police had seal off all buildings with conference facilities.

In a show of defiance, Besigye and his entourage changed course and stormed Haruma Sub County headquarters and took over the sub county hall for their meeting.

Police tried in vain to drive the opposition politicians away from the Sub County headquarters but managed to switch off the public address system on grounds that the noise would disrupt government employees going about their work at the sub county offices.

FDC supporters camped outside the Sub County headquarters

Addressing the mobilisers, Oboi urged the FDC leaders not to be carried away criticism against the people’s government liberation ideas because any criticism does not weaken but strengthens the party.

“It’s because of you that we have FDC supporters and leaders at every village in Uganda. You have worked tirelessly all these years to weaken Mr. Museveni and his junta, but also to promote and strengthen FDC everywhere in Uganda,” Oboi said.

For his part, Besigye said Museveni is holding the Presidency in violation of the Constitution of Uganda having accepted to take “bribes” from a convicted Chinese businessman Patrick Ho.

Besigye also spoke about the 2017 attack on Parliament during the Age limit debate which left a number of MPS injured.

“Mr. Museveni should not be allowed to stay in office for a single day [because] a day Museveni stays illegally in office, he poses a danger to Uganda and Ugandans,” Besigye said.

He said that the struggle is now about reorganizing political activists, train them and give them leadership structures to lead actions that will weaken and fail Museveni.