Court to determined true owners of Qualicell bus terminal

Following the morning battles in downtown Kampala that forced the police to use tear gas and live bullets to disperse rioting traders after one of the businessmen in the dispute of ownership of Qualicel bus terminal building locked some of the shops on the building, the deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana has told Parliament that neinther Mansoor Matovu Yanga nor Drake Lubega can rightfully claim ownership of the building.

In his statement to Parliament, Rukutana said that the case before court is concluded, no one can claim to be the rightful owner of the building which had been awarded to the late Charles Muhangi.

Muhangi died weeks after winning a lengthy court battle over the building which he had renamed Bazannyanengo plaza.

One of the shops that was sealed by Drake Lubega

Lubega and Matovu renewed their rivalry over the building a few weeks after Muhangi’s death, each separately demanding for rental fees from the traders which has led to occasional violent strikes which has affected business in Kampala’s central business district.

Rukutana told Parliament that court has never made a decision on who the rightful owner of the building is, saying that what has been going on in court over time has been on who should be in possession of the building as court determines the matter.

“As the office of the Attorney General, we are of the view that Drake Lubega and his colleague should be in charge of the building except for the one time a junior officer in the office issued a letter indicating otherwise which has been retracted,” Rukutana said.

He also said that traders should not be made to pay rent which they have already paid to supposed owners, adding that if the current owners want a reimbursement of their money they should seek redress from court.