Female spiritual leaders urge politicians to embrace dialogue

Female Spiritual leaders under their umbrella organization, Uganda Women of Faith Network (UWOFNET) have urged political leaders at all levels to promote and embrace smooth power transition as an important element of good governance.

The women held a two-day meeting held at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel in Lubaga division near Kampala to discuss their role in the upcoming national dialogue organized by Inter-religious council of Uganda (IRCU) in collaboration with Elders Forum.

Florence Kevin Kwesigabo, the national project coordinator of Uganda Episcopal Conference, representing women of the Roman Catholic Church said that leaders should work towards peaceful transition.

“We want a peaceful Uganda where resources are equally distributed, where there is no war; we want a Uganda where there is peaceful transition of power,” Kwesigabo said.

The Head of UWOFNET at the IRCU board Hajat Nagheeba Tegule says that as part of good governance leaders should work together for the development of the country.

She said that there should be further appreciation of the multiparty dispensation by recognizing the role each political party plays for the sake of unity and co-existence despite ideological differences.

“It is better for our country that one in leadership listens to those in opposition and takes advice from them since they also want to see a better Uganda,” said Tegule

Other issues raised included economic empowerment for women, improving the education system to provide quality education for all, improve security for women and all, inclusion in the decision making process at all levels and also ensuring equitable resource distribution in the country among others.

The issues raised shall be incorporated in the agenda for the national dialogue for discussion to provide lasting solutions to improve the wellbeing of Ugandans.

Justice James Ogoola the Chairman of the National Dialogue convening organizations said that given Uganda’s political history coupled with the current challenges affecting the country, dialogue is the best way forward.

“We have tried the electoral solution, it has worked but only partly, we have tried the constitutional, that too has worked but only in parts, we have tried wars, coups, military and what have you those can only deepen the tragedy and agony of this nation; so we have said, what is left; let us reason together,” Justice Ogoola said.

The National Dialogue is expected to take place in June 2019 coordinated by the Office of the Prime Minister, IRCU, the Elders Forum of Uganda, Women Situation Room, Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy (CCEDU), National Consultative Forum, and Inter-party Organization for Dialogue (IPOD).