Enanga: We lied, Ssebulime was extrajudicially killed

After four days of insistence that Ronald Ssebulime was killed in a hot pursuit, Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesman has admitted that the police have been giving a false account on the events surrounding the killing of the cyclist that the State Minister for ICT Idah Nantaba suspected to have been an assailant.

Ssebulime was killed on Sunday, March 24, at Nagojje in Mukono district as he travelled to visit his children at St. Andrew Kaggwa SS Kabimbiri in Mukono.

Addressing a hastily organized press conference at the Central Police Station (CPS) in Kampala, Enanga regretted the media statements he has been issuing since Sunday.

“The true facts are that on Sunday, March 24, 2019 the Hon Minister Idah Nantaba while buying fruits at a roadside market around Ssinda, located 6 km after Sezibwa bridge, saw a motor cycle rider, who from her instincts, appeared to be a dangerous person. The rider who was inquiring about the location of Kabimbiri, immediately after sped off at a high speed, towards Mukono direction, but was given a chase by [Nantaba] up to Nagalama Police Station, where she alerted the police and also dropped her bodyguard,” Enanga said.

From the police, Enanga said, Nantaba tried to give the suspected rider a further chase in the direction of Mukono, but all in vain.

ICT State Minister Idah Nantaba

“However, the 999 crew from Mukono that responded to the earlier emergency call from Nagalama police station, intercepted the alleged suspects after they hit a road hump and fell off. The crew concentrated on the rider Ssebulime who was carrying a bag, chased and after a few warning shots in the air, the suspect stopped and surrendered to the police, who arrested and led him to the police vehicle,” Enanga said.

Enanga further said that the Police have since discovered that the second man who was travelling with Ssebulime on the motorcycle was not known to the rider but he only carried him to guide him to St. Andrew Kaggwa for visitation.

The police spokesman also confirmed the narrative by locals in Nagojje that have consistently accused the Police of murdering Ssebulime.

“It is true that the deceased was removed from the police pickup and instantly shot dead by our officer. The police has arrested the car commander and two crew members to the “999” patrol vehicle, under registration number UP 5745, for trying to conceal the true facts of the events surrounding the killing of Sebulime,” Enanga said.

He said that the cops submitted false reports about what really happened upon intercepting the suspects at Nagojje trading center.

He named the arrested officers as No. 51543 Cpl Edward Ssali, who was the car commander, No. 50162 PC Ronald Opira and No. 5729 PC Ronald Baganza.

“The other crew member No. 62163 PC Robert Cherotich is still absent but wanted. The Police created a joint team of investigators from the Kampala Metropolitan East Region and Homicide squad from CID headquarters, who upon further scrutiny of the incident established new findings. We can now certainly say that, what was first reported as a typical police shooting story, where perceived dangerous suspects were shot at during a pursuit, is established to be a straight forward case of murder,” Enanga said.

Beside the murder charge, the police officers are also facing charges of conspiracy and for professional misconduct.

“We are also using the incident as a test of leadership against the territorial commanders, who failed to detect the true reality of what happened on that day, and forwarded a report that was not accurate, to their superiors,” Enanga said.