YLP allocations to be doubled next financial year

Cabinet has approved changes in the management of the Youth Livelihood program (YLP), increasing the budgetary allocations for the program from the current 10 percent to 20 percent.

The increase in the resource allocation is intended to provide sufficient resources for training, technical support and supervision of groups.

Government spokesman Ofwono Opondo told journalists at the Uganda Media Centre that cabinet also decided that YLP funds be disbursed directly to group accounts, a drastic shift from the current arrangement where the funds are received by district officials and group chairpersons who act as signatories to the group accounts.

Cabinet decision means that fund would be disbursed from the Ministry Project Account in Bank of Uganda directly to youth interest groups accounts.

Cabinet has also resolved that the number of group members be reduced from ten to five in order to enhance cohesion.

“It was also resolved that youth who may not be from the same village, but have projects of common interest be allowed to form groups and access funding if they live within the same parish/ward,” Opondo.

Under the current arrangement, group members are required to come from the same village.

Ofwono also reported that the cabinet passed a resolution to integrate the use of technology through developing ICT platforms for monitoring project implementation as well as mobile money for easing the repayment process especially for hard to reach areas.