Uganda Airlines ready to fly again

In the first week of April, two jets from Canadian aircraft manufactures – Bombardier Commercial Aircraft are expected to arrive in the country, marking the revival of the national carrier, Uganda airlines that was wound up in 2001.

The two jets are part of the four CRJ900 regional jets that the government of Uganda ordered from Bombardier which will fly to 12 regional destinations.

According to the airline’s twitter handle, Uganda Airlines will first fly to Lusaka (Zambia), Khartoum (Sudan), Bujumbura (Burundi), Kinshasha (DR Congo), Nairobi (Kenya), Mombasa (Kenya), Goma (DR Congo), Zanzibar, Dar es Salam (Tanzania), Harare (Zimbabwe), Mogadishu (Somalia), Kigali (Rwanda), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) and Addis Ababa (Tanzania).

The airline’s destinations will later expand to Accra (Ghana) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

According the acting Uganda Airlines CEO Ephraim Bagenda, the airline has recruited 12 pilots and 12 co-pilots – all Ugandan nationals.

“All of them are Ugandans and some of them have completed their training and some of them are still undergoing training. We have got 24 captains; 12 captains and 12 first officers or co-pilots,” Bagenda said.

The remaining two Bombardier jets are expected to be delivered in July and September. Government also ordered for two Airbus A330-800 Neo earmarked for long-haul operations.