District bosses petition Museveni over Lt Col Nakalema

Local Government leaders under their umbrella body Uganda Local Government Association (ULGA) are seeking an audience with President Yoweri Museveni to express their indifference over the manner in which the Lt Col Edith Nakalema-led State House anti-corruption unit conducts its activities.

Speaking on their behalf during the swearing in of the new members of the ULGA executive committee, Gulu Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Milton Kato said that while they are not opposed to the ongoing fight against corruption, they are concerned about the manner in which the Nakalema team handles them.

This comes a week after Lt Col Nakalema’s team raided Mbarara district and arrested six district officials over a piece of land in Mbarara town which was allegedly grabbed by a State House official.

A week earlier, the unit had arrested and arraigned before court, two Arua district officials who were accused of abuse of office and diversion of more than Shs 400 million.

Local government leaders argue that before Nakalema and her team carry out any raid on the districts, she needs to first liaise with the Inspectorate of Government since some of the cases the State House anti-corruption unit is handling are already before the Inspector General of Government (IGG).

ULGA Secretary General, Gertrude Rose Gamwera


Gertrude Rose Gamwera, the ULGA secretary general told journalists outside the Ministry of Local Government headquarters that the concern among the district leaders is the failure for Nakalema to give them prior notification.

“There is growing concern amongst the technical officers in local governments Chief Administrative Officers and Town clerks over the manner in which they are being handled on issues concerning corruption. The Local Governments do appreciate that effort and are indeed behind that fight and struggle to improve accountability at their level but the issue is with how it is done,” Gamwera said.

The local government leaders argue that because they don’t receive prior notification; sometimes, Nakalema’s team picks them, they are not aware of the problem and only get to find out when already in police custody yet they could be having valid information relevant to the investigations.

The undersecretary in the Ministry of Local Government, James Kintu advised the local government leaders to always follow policies and seek for clarification on what they are not sure about before they take decisions.