UACE: Results of 91 candidates withheld

Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has released results of the 2018 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education  (UACE) showing a decline in the number of candidates that sat for the exams as compared to the previous year.

UNEB Executive Secretary Dan Odongo said that a total of 99,576 candidates registered for the exams from 2,094 centres compared to 101,269 candidates who registered from 1,918 centres in 2017, representing a decrease of 1,693 in the number of candidates.

Of the candidates that sat for the exams, a total of 41,296 were females compared to 41,932 who sat in 2017.

Odongo reported a decline in exam malpractices, stating that this year, the examinations body withheld results of 91 candidates from 21 centres.

He said, the most common forms of examination breaches was external assistance.

UNEB executive secretary Dan Odongo

” Centre number U 2804 allocated to Seesa High School, Kakungube is being withdrawn for gross violation of examination regulations both at UCE and UACE,” Odongo said.

History, Economics, Entrepreneurship Education, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Art showed some improvement in performance as compared to 2017.

“Geography improved at the A-Pass level. CRE, Literature in English, Agriculture and Biology showed a decline. Female candidates performed better than their male counterparts at the principal level pass in Arts, Physics and Agriculture. Male candidates were better in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and General paper,” said Odongo.

The State Minister for Higher Education Dr John Chrysostom Muyingo pledged government support to UNEB to eliminate examination malpractices.

“Incidences of examination malpractices are low. Govt will support UNEB in all forms to eliminate this vice. The Country should know that the war against examination malpractices is like that against corruption. Its a war that must be fought by all of us,” Muyingo said.