Rebel MPs to Museveni: Stop manipulating the party

Tuesday resolution by the Central Executive Committee (CEC), the top most decision making organ of the NRM has sparked off a rift within the party’s ranks with a group of MPs considered to be rebels within the party accusing President Yoweri Museveni of manipulating the party for his personal gain.

Addressing journalists at Parliament, the ‘rebel’ MPs made a demand that CEC withdraws the resolution that declared Museveni the party’s sole candidate for the 2021 presidential elections.

Sitting at Chobe Safari Lodge in Nwoya district, CEC agreed to “emphatically recommend to the membership of the movement and its organs that His Excellency Yoweri K. Museveni, General of the African Resistance, continues leading the Movement and the State in 2021 and beyond- as we eliminate the bottlenecks to transformation.”

According to Lwemiyaga MP, Theodore Sekikubo,  the resolution is selfish, misguided and in violation of Article 71 of the Constitution of Uganda that mandates political parties to organize internal elections based on democratic principles.

Sekikubo was flanked by five other ‘rebel’ NRM MPs namely, Monica Amoding (Kumi Woman), Mbwatekamwa Gaffa (Kasambya), Sam Lyomoki (Workers), John Baptist Nambeshe (Manjiya) and Patrick Nsamba (Kassanda South).

The ‘rebel’ MPs during the press conference at Parliament

Ssekubo urged Museveni to stop “manipulating the CEC” to come up with resolutions that benefit him as an individual.

The Lwemiyaga legislator says that the current CEC does not have the authority to even endorse party candidates since its tenure will have expired by the time the party will conduct its primaries in 2020.

His Manjiya counterpart, John Baptist Nambeshe said the resolution was a demonstration of greed and a serious degeneration by CEC which is supposed to champion democracy.

On his part, Nsamba said that by passing the resolution, CEC had raped the NRM Constitution the same way the national constitution was “raped” with removal of the age limit clause.

He also condemned Museveni for meeting with CEC to consolidate power for the NRM while curtailing the activities of other political parties in the country citing Wednesday’s blocking of the DP re-union meeting in Jinja.


President Museveni lecturing to the CEC members during their retreat at Chobe Safari LodgeFor Amoding, it is time Ugandans took back into their hands the power to choose the destiny of the country.

Amoding also appealed to NRM members to stop remaining silent when undemocratic actions are going on within the party.