Encroachers takeover Njeru government farm land

National Animal Resource Centre and Data Bank (NAGRIC) has lost 504 acres of that land in Njeru Town Council, Buikwe district to private developers which has forced the State Minister for Animal Industry Joy Kafura Kabatsi to petition the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters to cancel all private titles on government farms.

To advance its research on animal husbandry, the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) established the Njeru Stock Farm under NAGRIC as a breeding ground for livestock.

It sits on 1,066 acres of land that government acquired through a 99 year lease from the Ham Mukasa family.

According to the NAGRIC executive director Charles Lagu, nearly half of this land has been taken over by private developers who allegedly connived with Njeru Town Council to acquire titles over the land.

Appearing before the Justice Catherine Bamugemereire-led commission, Kabatsi said that to save the farm land from encroachers, titles that were issued to private individuals should be cancelled.

“Those officers who [issued the titles] should be prosecuted because, if you don’t deal with them, we shall not solve this problem,” said Kafura.

Kabatsi said the Ministry has plans to revive the farm, breed more livestock and export livestock products, but the plans cannot be implemented because of the encroachers.

“We are planning to revive the farm, we want to export dairy products because we know it is now profitable, but they have sold off the land,” Kabatsi said.

Some of the encroachers like Steven Kulaya, a senior assistant accountant at Njeru Town Council have sued government claiming ownership over the land.