Prince Wasajja faces legal action for ‘defaming’ Ben Kiwanuka

The family of former Chief Justice, the late Ben Kiwanuka is threatening to sue Buganda prince, David Kintu Wasajja for the defamatory statements he made against their father.

Prince Wasajja last week accused Kiwanuka of stealing  Kabaka Edward Mutesa II’s land in Mutungo.

Maurice Peter Kagimu, a former ambassador, minister and MP appeared before the Commission of Inquiry into land matters as a witness in Wasajja’s case against Dr Muhammad Kasasa over the Mutungo land.

Kagimu used his time to accuse Wasajja of “recklessly” accusing Ben Kiwanuka of fraudulently acquiring 639 acres of land in Mutungo that belonged to Mutesa II.

Kagimu demanded that Wasajja withdraws the statement or he be sued.

“Pince Wasajja should withdraw that statement; the statement that my father stole the land, I know he is taking advantage of Buganda Kingdom because when I take him to court people will say I have dragged the Kabaka to court and that I am an enemy of the kingdom. He is exploiting that impunity; but Wasajja has to withdraw this statement otherwise…” said Kagimu.

According to Kagimu,  Lake View Properties Limited, a company then ownwed by then governor of the Bank of Uganda Joseph Mubiru, Lawrence Kayanja Ssebalu and Ben Kiwanuka, bought the Land from a one Kwemalamala Kintu.

Kwemalamala had earlier bought the land from Princess Victoria Nalinnya Mpologoma who allegedly had powers of attorney that permitted her to sell land on behalf of the exiled Kabaka.

Wasajja had earlier told the Commission that Mpologoma couldnot have sold land to Kwemalamala Kintu because she had no powers to sell.

He said, Mpologoma’s powers of Attorney that were only limited to leasing out the land.

He accused Kiwanuka of falsifying documents that indicated Mpologoma’s sale of the said land to Kwemalamala.

Commission lead counsel Ebert Byenkya asked Kagimu if he knew Kwemalamala Kintu and to speak to the allegation that he did not exist but was a formation of Kiwanuka intended to make him and the Company look like third parties in this transaction.

Kagimu said he did not know Kwemalamala but added that Kiwanuka could have used Kwemalamala to acquire the land because the political times then under President Milton Obote could not permit him to acquire such land directly.