Registration of water vessels kicks off

Following last year’s tragic accident on Lake Victoria in which at least 30 revellers died on a boat, government has embarked on the registration of all water vessels operating on Ugandan water bodies.

The exercise stared at Port Bell Luzira in Kampala will be rolled out to Kigo and Ggaba landing sites, all on Lake Victoria before the Ministry of Works and Transport officials extends the exercise to some other 50 landing sites.

In November last year, MV Templar capsized with about 120 party goers on board, killing more than 30 people near Mutima beach in Mukono.

According to James Mawa, a supervisor from the Ministry of Works and Transport that spearheaded the exercise, many vessel owners haven’t warmed up to the exercise.

“We have encountered a challenge of the absence of a number of the vessels. For example at Port Bell where we started from, we were told that there are 57 boats but only a half of them were available for the exercise, most of them had gone to work,” Mawa said.

He explained that the exercise is aimed at ensuring  safety for all water transport users.

“We shall be looking at the number of vessels at every landing site before coming p with a report that the ministry will base on to give further direction,” Mawa said.