NRM should avoid a 2021 ‘sole candidate’ – Lyomoki

A group of NRM MPs has launched an early campaign against a 2014-like scenario of declaring the party Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni as the ruling party’s sole candidate for the 2021 elections.

Workers MP Dr Sam Lyomoki, flanked by Maracha East MP James Acidri told journalists at Parliament about their fears of a possible repeat of the 2014 politics when NRM MPs hijacked the process of conducting party primaries for a presidential candidate, and instead declared Museveni the sole candidate.

Lyomoki on January 28 wrote to NRM secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba about the fears, basing on the NRM political roadmap which was released last week.

Lyomoki argues that the roadmap doesn’t fully indicate when the primaries for the presidential flag bearer shall take place.

Dr Sam Lyomoki addressing the press at Parliament

“To many progressives in the party, your wording appears to be a veiled attempt to orchestrate and smuggle into the upcoming 2021 elections the concept of “Sole candidate ‘ an illegal, self serving and undemocratic practice that has been forced into the party for long,” Lyomoki wrote.

Lyomoki told Lumumba that such a scheme would be rendered illegal under Article 39 of the NRM constitution that provides that all members of the NRM who meet national legal requirement shall be eligible to become candidates for NRM at various levels.

Lyomoki also declared intentions of contesting for NRM presidential flag.

” By the copy of this letter to the National Chairman and all party leaders, I would like to advice that you don’t abdicate your place in history by charting the path of sole candidature as such is a nonstarter, offensive and untenable at this time in our history,” Lyomoki stated.