Dr Kasasa turns the heat on Prince Wasajja in Buziga land row

A day after Buganda prince, David Kintu Wasajja appeared before Justice Catherine Bamugemereire’s Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters, Dr Muhammad Kasasa, the man Wasajja is fighting with over land in Buziga appeared before the same commission and accused the prince of being a land grabber.

The 86-year-old Kasasa, currently a resident of Namirembe road in Mengo, Kampala, accused Wasajja of wrongly evicting him out of his house contained on Kyadondo Block 237 Plots 110 to 112 in Buziga on the outskirts of Kampala.

” He (Wasajja) brought kanyamas (bouncers) and nine nine (police patrol), I cannot say police because we asked the police and they didn’t know anything. They  (Wasajja’s team) broke the doors, went in and started  throwing out property. They damaged some property,  some was lost. They just threw it in the road reserve,” Kasasa said.

Kasasa claims that he bought the land from East African Community (EAC) in 1975 and registered it under the names of is daughters Sara Nabuule, Janet Nakawunde and Faridah Zabali.

The said land measures two acres, it had a house which was formerly used by the East African Telecommunications.

The land previously belonged to Sir Edward Mutesa II who leased it to the EAC  in March 1949 for 49 years.

Kasasa acquired it at a time when the lease offer was due for expiry in 1998, and when he applied to Buganda Land Board for renewal of lease, he said, he did not receive any response despite the continuous reminders to the kingdom’s land managers.

” Wasajja is on the board (Buganda Land Board),  he hid my file. What can I say? My file was always lost and later I (was) told that I cannot get a lease renewal, Wasajja got the lease,”  Kasasa said.

On September 20, 2001, the Buganda Land Board wrote to him informing him that he would have his lease renewed but had to seek consent from the daughters registered leaseholder (Sir Edward Mutesa II).

When he presented the consent from Mutesa’s daughters, the process stalled again until 2004 when he was told that his file had gone missing.

In the same year, he got a notice from the Board addressed to his daughters informing them that their lease had expired and that the should leave the premises immediately.

That is when he was told that his lease could not be renewed as the land had been leased out already.

” I did not vacate because I had rights over that land. One, I was a tenant and two, I had the letter from Buganda Land Board where they told me it is okay the would renew my lease,” said Kasasa.

He later learnt that the new lease owner was Wasajja who had been given an over 90 year leasehold.

Wasajja then opened up a case against Kasasa’s cousin Dr. Emmanuel Kayanja who was then living in the house, accusing him of failure to pay Shs 1.8 million in rent arrears.