NRM directs Ministry of Finance on new districts

The ruling NRM party has directed the Ministry of Finance to make budgetary readjustments to find funds necessary for the running of newly created administrative units.

Speaking at the launch of the NRM political roadmap in preparation for the 2021 elections, the party’s secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba said that in line with the NRM policy of taking services nearer to the people, the treasury has no option but to find money to run the new districts.

“The Treasury serves the NRM government, it must listen to the government that it serves,” Lumumba said.

Justine Lumumba addressing the press at the party headquarters in Kampala

In its roadmap, the NRM wants its MPs and cabinet to expedite the enactment of electoral related laws and creation of new  administrative units.

This process is expected to be concluded within the next four months to enable the party to prepare in time for elections in the new districts.

In October last year, the State Minister for Local government Jennifer Namuyangu told MPs that due to financial constraints, government had failed to fund the operationalisation of some 501 new Sub Counties and Town Councils.

To get the new administrative units operational, government needs at least Shs 160 billion.

The cost is expected to further shoot up with the creation of more administrative units.

At the beginning of this Financial Year, six new districts came into existence but elections of their respective Woman MPs and LC 5 Chairpersons was called off after the Electoral Commission  (EC) announced that it didn’t have enough money to organise the elections.

Nonetheless, seven new districts are to come into effect in July.

“NRM is a party listens to the people,  requests have been made by people for the new districts, as a party, we cannot fail to listen to what the people are saying,” Lumumba said.