Ochola launches construction of  national ICT command centre

The Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola has commissioned the construction of the National Command and ICT Research and Innovation under the CCTV Project at Naguru, Kampala on Monday.

The yet to be constructed site will be a home of ICT innovations for security agencies.

Currently, a temporary National Command Centre is located at Nateete police station.

While addressing guests at the commissioning, Ochola said that the centre will be the heart of police and fighting crime.

“The command center structure is the heart of command, control, communication, coordination and intelligence for Uganda Police Force in cooperation with sister security agencies. It is where videos, data and voice from the CCTV cameras and other systems will be monitored from. Therefore it is a vital structure that will house critical installations,”Ochola said.

He added that the two centers will house the main control units of the system which are crime monitoring center, emergency center 999/112, data analysis, data center and traffic monitoring center.

“The center will be a hub of ICT innovations for security agencies. All software to be used by us will be developed from the center and then systems deployed basing on software developed by our own police officers,” he said.

The facility will also be equipped with computers in four laboratories and seats to facilitate electronic learning for officers.