Kanyamunyu trial fails to kick-off

The hearing of the murder case against the Kanyamunyu brothers failed to kick off today at the High court in Kampala after the Directorate of Public Prosecutions  (DPP) asked for a longer adjournment of the case.

Prosecution led by Fatina Nakafeero asked court to adjourn the case to the next session because the defence hadn’t been availed with the evidence and exhibits the prosecution intends to use in the case.

“I cannot proceed to present witnesses without undergoing this requisite pre-trial step,” Nakafeero said.

Trial judge, Steven Mubiru granted the prosecution’s prayer and pushed the trial to the next criminal session saying that he can’t find a convenient date to fix the hearing due to limited weeks within which to conclude his session.

The Kanyamunyus – Mathew and Joseph are charged together with Mathew’s girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari over the murder of Kenneth Akena in November 2017.

Mathew and Munwangari are accused of shooting Akena after he scratched Mathew’s car at Forest Mall, Lugogo in Kampala.

Akena was allegedly shot three times in the stomach before the lovebirds later played good samaritans by rushing him to Novirk Hospital on Bombo road where he breathed his last.

On the other hand, Joseph is charged with being helpful in the murder as prosecution believes at he was called by his brother at the crime scene to hide the missing gun that was used in the case.