Nawangwe suspends MUASA boss over ‘computer misuse.’

The Vice Chancellor of Makerere University Prof Barnabas Nawangwe has suspended the Chairman of Makerere University Academic Staff Association (MUASA) Dr Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi.

In a January 17 letter, Nawangwe accused Muhwezi of continued engagement in acts that amount to misconduct, including offences under the Computer Misuse Act, incitement with intent to cause disobedience and /or strikes to undermine the University administration, acts that bring the University and University officials into disrepute.

“Please, therefore, prepare a handover report and handover all University property in your possession to your supervisor. This suspension takes immediate effect,”  Nawangwe wrote.

Nawangwe also accuses Muhwezi of “intimidation of University officials, using abusive language and/or insulting language, slander, insubordination, making false statements among others.”

“Security reports have shown that you are continuing to incite other staff to disrupt University activities and engage in related unlawful conduct,” he further wrote.

Prof Barnabas Nawangwe addressing a graduation ceremony at Makerere University

In December last year Muhwezi vowed to work with Makerere University staff against the amendments made to the Makerere Human Resource manual.

The new human resource manual, gazetted on November 2,  2018, provides that; “Nothing shall be construed as prohibiting or restricting the appointing authority from exercising its powers to take disciplinary action against an employee who is facing criminal proceeding and subject such an employee to any form of punishment including termination, suspension or any other appropriate sections.”

Muhwezi interpreted this provision as being unconstitutional and aimed at cracking down on the freedom of speech of the staff at Makerere.

Muhwezi  has also spoken out on the lecturers’ remuneration which has sometimes led to threats of sit down strikes by the academic staff in demand for better pay.

This to Nawangwe, tarnishes the image of the institution which has necessitated his suspension.

“Therefore in order to protect the reputation of the University, its activities, personnel and property from your disruptive activities, I hereby suspend you from the University in accordance with Section 5.9 (b) of the Makerere University Human Resource Manual,” reads part of the letter.

According to the letter, a committee shall be constituted to investigate Muhwezi’s said conduct.

During suspension, he will receive half pay and will not be allowed to access University premises, offices or property.