PLE: Results of 3,500 candidates withheld

Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has withheld results of over 3500 candidates pending completion of investigations over suspected examination malpractices.

This is much higher than the 2,559 results that were withheld in 2018.

Speaking at the release of the 2018 Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) at the Office of the President conference centre, UNEB executive secretary Dan Odong said, all candidates whose results have been withheld will be accorded a fair hearing by the UNEB security committee.

Once cleared, the candidates will have their results released.

The results show that more girls registered for the examinations as compared to boys.

The girls numbered 346,963 (51.6%) while the  boys were 324,963 (48.3%) but the boys performed better than their female counterparts.

A total of  1,128 candidates were pupils with special needs of various categories.

About 671,923 candidates sat for the exams of whom, 599,593 (91.4%) passed either in Division 1, 2, 3 and 4.

“Results indicate improvements in general performance and more candidates will be able to join post primary institutes,” said UNEB chairperson Prof Mary Okwakol.

Education and Sports minister Janet Museveni urged teachers to refocus their methods of teaching so that students are able to reflect their learning in their way of living.

” The teaching appears to be more theoretical and emphasis is put on teaching students how to answer questions without understanding the underlying concept, which means there is no learning and that is why students are getting zero,” Janet Museveni said.