Mukula’s wife opts for mediation to resolve land conflict

Gladys Mukula wife to National Resistance Movement (NRM) Vice Chairman (Eastern Uganda) Captain Mike Mukula has sought to have an amicable resolution of a conflict over a piece of land at Makerere.

The land under contention is on Kibuga Block 9 plot 360 Kagugube Road Makerere, Kampala. It measures 0.32 acres that Gladys claims to have bought  from Betty Lumu, a daughter to Dr Emmanuel Lumu at Shs 50 million in 2005.

She later discovered that there was an occupant, Rosemary Nabukenya who claims that the land is part of her late mother Maria Lwiza Nalongo’s Estate of which she is the administrator.

Nabukenya took the matter to the Commission last year accusing Gladys of threatening her with eviction from land on which she has lived since the 1950s when her mother bought the land from a one Eriabu Nsubuga.

Before the commission, Gladys said that she preferred to settle the matter through  mediation.

Her choice for a mediation came after Commisioner George Bagonza asked her to bend low and help Nabukenya who he described as an old destitute.

“She is an old, desperate destute: that’s is the kind of person you are hassling it  out with: when you find yourself as the tallest, you have to bend low and pick up someone in the mud.  This lady is in the mud, can you bend low?” Bagonza said.

Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, the commission chairperson,  welcomed Gladys’ decision and asked that the parties involved decide on a neutral person to conduct the mediation process.

According to Counsel Andrew Odit the Commission could assign a mediation team to guide the parties through the entire process. The parties would also be briefed on their rights before, during and after  the mediation.