Kadaga: We won’t sheild the corrupt because of NRM

Challenged by the retired Bishop of North Kigezi, Edward Muhima, Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has told her NRM colleagues that Parliament will sheild anyone simply because they belong to ruling party.

Speaking during the ecumenical prayers to mark the start of the third annual Parliament Week, Kadaga said that she will not protect any corrupt officials irrespective of the party they belong to.

“There are people in this country who think that if you belong to a particular political party you shouldn’t speak about corruption that if you are a leader in this country, you shouldn’t speak about corruption that we are spoiling the name of the party, spoiling the name of the country,” Kadaga said.

“There is no excuse for being corrupt. Any individual who engages in  corruption does it on their own behalf and not that of the party,” she added.

Kadaga spoke after Bishop Muhima raised concern over the ” very high degree of corruption” which he attributed to lack of faithfulness from the leadership.

The retired prelate challenged MPs to lead by example and champion the fight against corruption if the country is to achieve improved service delivery.

“For us to champion accountability, we need to be stewards with values which we can demonstrate, teach and instill in others,” Bishop Muhima said.

Kadaga said that as a country, Uganda has no common agenda to commit atrocities and therefore individuals who are corrupt should be dealt with.

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali (Anglican) seated among other dignitaries at the ecumenical prayers

Kadaga also spoke of threats she has received from government officials who accuse her of not being protective enough of the party.

“I did tell the Members last year when I talked about the harassment of the fishermen by the army that there is a minister who came to my office and told me to stop talking about the army, that we are spoiling their name,” Kadaga said.

“I told him you man, tell them to stop their atrocities that is when I will stop talking and I chased him out of my office. You can imagine someone coming threatening the Speaker not to talk. I want to say, for me, I will continue talking about corruption and atrocities,” she added.

This year’s Parliament Week is being held under the theme; ‘Championing accountability to improve service delivery’.