Bagyenda: I carried personal not BOU documents

The former Executive Director in charge of Banks Supervision at Bank of Uganda has told MP on Parliament’scommittee on Commissions Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises  (COSASE) that she didn’t carry any official documents out of the Central bank.

Testifying before the committee during the continuation of its probe into the alleged irregular closure of seven commercial banks,  Bagyenda said that despite her admission on Tuesday that she indeed carried out documents, the contents of the bags she was seen in CCTV footage ferrying out of the bank premises were hers.

“The suitcases and the boxes which had been taken out of the Bank contained my personal documents and photo frames whereas the suitcases which were brought back to the Bank of Uganda contained the documents which I had come with from the Airport,” Bagyenda said.

Bagyenda was responding to a barrage of questions from the MPs who had just watched CCTV footage provided by Bank of Uganda’s security department.

In the footage, Bagyenda is seen moving in and out of the bank with some authorised persons whom she said were her personal visitors.

Her aides are also seen carrying out bags and boxes but without going through the requisite security checks as per the Central Bank’s human resource manual.

MPs also wondered why she opted to use the emergency exits when moving out the bags.

While the committee hoped to conclude its hearing of the Bank of Uganda testimony today, the team was asked to return tomorrow after it emerged that the video clips the MPs watched had been edited.

This was aftee committee chairman Abdu Kantutu asked Bagyenda whether the bags she is seen carrying the bank are still there since the footage doesn’t show her carrying them out.

Byagenda’s bodyguard Juliet Adikolet who prominently appears in the footage carrying in and out of the bank had refused to answer some of the questions from the MPs drawing the ire of the committee members.

Bagyenda lost her job at the Central Bank  in last February after the controversial closure of Crane Bank.