Museveni promises to stump out crime in 2019

By the end of 2019, crime will be no more in Uganda, President Yoweri Museveni has promised.

In his live televised New Year’s message from his country home in Rwakitura, Kiruhura district, President Museveni promised to accelerate the fight against crime in 2019.

“It seems therefore that our vigilance is working, in any case, by the end of this new year, our anti-crime posture will be totally different on top of the vigilance of the public and the promptness of the police, we shall have added the technological means we are developing. Crime will be defeated” said Museveni.

Basing on a crime report compiled by the police which recorded 23 offences reported on Christmas day, involving 11 murders including two incidences if murder by shooting and I incidence of accidental death by fire involving two deaths, one attempted murder, one case of vandalizing UMEME cables by thieves and one case of kidnap, Museveni noted that there are some positive strides towards eliminating crime.

“Therefore, according to police, the crime incidences were 23 during the just past Christmas; of mainly isolated crime that is not organised ” said Museveni.

The isolated incidences, he said, included murders like man killing wife, fights in bars, murder of female teacher at a beach in Jinja, an old woman murdered in Kabonera Masaka and lastly a man shot dead in Nakivale Refugee Camp.

” When I looked at the 23 incidence of crime reported on the 25th of December 2018, the majority of them appeared to be straight forward crimes resulting from fights, suicide etc where the suspects are easy to determine and many of them have been arrested” he added.

Museveni acknowledged the problem of youth unemployment which he partly blamed on what he called cases of indiscipline.

He for instance said that while government has put in place different programs to avert poverty and create employment, some youths have been lazy to work.

” Being a youth  does not mean recklessness, it doesnot mean alcohol, it does not mean taking drugs, it does not mean extravagance because here in front of you is a former youth who went through all that. So what I am telling you is on good authority, it’s not second hand, it’s first hand” said Museveni

“We never wasted money on alcohol,  luxuries, revellering  (ebinyumo) and foreign travel, ” added Museveni

He also cautioned the youths against flocking worship centres to pray to God for miraculous wealth.