Corruption will destroy Uganda  – Bishop Luwalira

Corruption and other acts of violation of human rights dominated Christmas homilies in different churches around the country with the Bishop of Namirembe, Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira warning that such vices, if not checked, will destroy Uganda.

Preaching to his congregation at St Paul’s Cathedral, Namirembe, Bishop Luwalira spoke against social injustices, oppression, thefty of public resources and other forms of corruption which he termed as “real thorns that Uganda is celebrating Christmas with.”

Reading from the Book of Isaiah, Bishop Luwalira urged his congregants to take the lead in fighting corruption.

“God is looking for someone to take the lead and champion the fight against corruption in the institutions where you work. I want you to be that person to lead the fight against thefty, embezzlement and all other forms of corruption,” Luwalira said.

He said, Uganda is bound to be destroyed by the high levels of corruption in government.

“A lot of money which would have been used to extend basic services to Ugandans is lost in corruption; do the corrupt officials ever imagine that among those deprived of basic services are their relatives?” Bishop Luwalira wondered.

He warned that Uganda risks turning into a curse if corruption is not defeated.