Archbishop Lwanga, Katikkiro speak against rights violations

Seated among the congregants at Lubaga Cathedral, Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine influenced the Christmas speeches at Lubaga Cathedral.

His brutal arrest and torture in August as he campaigned for Arua Municipality MP Kassiano Wadri during the by-election that followed the killing of former MP Ibrahim Abiriga, was central in Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga and Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga’s speeaches.

Bobi Wine and wife Barbara Itungo Kyagulanyi during Christmas Mass at Lubaga Cathedral

While his homily was devoid of any political statements, Lwanga’s Christmas message that came at the end of the Holy Mass was laden with criticism against human rights violations.

“What you didn’t know is that when Bobi Wine and  (Mityana Municipality MP Francis) Zaake were brutalised, the religious leaders under the Inter-religious council of Uganda  (IRCU) got concerned and met President Yoweri Museveni to tell him to stop the acts of brutality,” Archbishop Lwanga said.

He said, the religious leaders were worried that upon return from America and India where the two MPs respectively went for treatment, they would be brutalised again.

“I want to thank the President that he listened to the appeal of the religious leaders,” Lwanga said.

He turned to the security forces that he urged to do a self reflection before meting out acts of brutality.

“The police and the army, before you unleash tear gas and kiboko…are you doing it for God and your country? The answer is no,” Lwanga said.

He called for the respect of freedoms to assemble, associate and choice, as well as the promotion of justice in all its forms.

“We should all respect the Constitution that our leaders swore to protect,”  Lwanga said, further expressing concern that leaders have adopted different understanding of the protection of human rights and dignity.

On his part, Katikkiro expressed happiness that he had attended Mass with Bobi Wine months after he brutalised by the security forces.

“All of Uganda recognises that political tensions don’t serve any purpose, let us keep united, correct the wrongs with integrity and justice,” Mayiga said.

Using a Luganda adage, Mayiga said that victory comes through trials – a message he emphasised to Buganda loyalists agitating for the kingdom’s interests.