Parliament puts Jeje Odong on the spot over Bobi Wine’s shows

Internal Affairs minister Gen Jeje Odong found a difficult time in Parliament as members from both sides of the House put him to task to explain Police’s blocking of Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi’s music concerts.

Kyagulanyi who is popularly known as Bobi Wine petitioned the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga on Tuesday after the police blocked him from performing at an event in Jinja Municipality last weekend.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga during the Plenary Sitting

He also listed other musical shows were he had been scheduled to perform but were broken up by the police without clear reasons.

In his statement, Gen Jeje told Parliament that this being a festive season, the police is wary of various security concerns including terrorism which makes it prudent for the law enforcers to cancel some musical concerts.

Speaking specifically about last weekend’s events in Jinja, Jeje said that Bobi Wine was not on the list of performers for the music concert. He accused the MP of acting contrary to the set guidelines by holding a procession along Iganga road causing disorder.

Internal Affairs Minister Gen Jeje Odong addressing Parliament

The minister’s statement was however not received in good taste by MPs from both sides of the House with the exception of two MPs, Stephen Kangwagye (Bukanga) and Col Fred Mwesigye (Naybushozi) who chided their Kyadondo colleague for mixing entertainment with politics.

The rest of the MPS including Kadaga cautioned government against stifling Kyagulanyi’s economic rights.

Kadaga consistently referred to a petition she had received from music promoters and organisers of the concerts who claimed that every time the Kyadondo  East legislator is blocked to perform, many other people that earn from the concerts are affected.

“Everyone in Uganda has a right to practice his/her career and carryout business. She noted a petition from music promoters and venue owners about their plight with organising events only to be cancelled at the last minute,” Kadaga said.

Bobi Wine himself told the House that the police had gone as far as blocking other events that had been organized at his One Love Beach in Busabaala near Kampala. He cited an event organized by Galaxy FM that the police refused to clear because it had been organized at “Bobi Wine’s venue.”