Ssemujju hits back at Museveni over city MPs talk

Chief Opposition Whip also Kira Municipality MP, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has asked President Yoweri Museveni to get used to his NRM party’s lack of popular support in Kampala that making funny comments all the time about Kampala MPs.

None of the eight MPs from Kampala subscribes to the ruling NRM which explains why Museveni every time he tours Kampala, he relates the capital city’s challenges to the political leadership.

Even as he launched the construction of the Kampala Flyover project at Nakivubo Blue Primary School, Museveni said that he saw no need for recognizing Kampala MPs because the people in Kampala have no representatives in Parliament.

“I won’t even talk about them (Kampala MPs) and I pity you for not having MPs,” Museveni said.

To Ssemujju, there is no need for Museveni recognize Kampala MPs because, they too don’t recognize him.

“So the same way he doesn’t recognize MPs in Kampala, I mean we don’t recognize him as a legitimate leader. So, he can sour grape but there is no single NRM MP in Kampala and most likely there will be none in the next election,” Ssemujju said.

Ssemujju argues that Museveni should not sing praises for himself over the Kampala flyover project since funding for the project was borrowed and will further worsen Uganda’s public debt.

“People don’t know that in the projects, Museveni is launching problems everybody will face – we borrowed money; he is so happy we are doing flyovers, I can bet in about four years we shall be breaking those flyovers because this Kampala has no physical plan,” Ssemujju said.

Museveni (with a hat) looks at the project map

The project is estimated to cost more Shs 95 billion funded by the Japanese government, and on completion, it will create an urban freeway by passing the city centre to enhance East-West corridor transit.

“With this project, we are now moving to reduce traffic in the city. We shall also place a flyover between Busega and Kibuye. The government’s plan targets three clusters of people; city dwellers, travellers and cargo transporters. This project will help us attend to each group appropriately,” Museveni said.